ESNA Voicemail Setup – Accessing Your Voicemail Accounts

As part of a district phone system upgrade, we have switched to the new ESNA voicemail system. All staff members can access their voicemail accounts or mailbox using the instructions here. Please note: there are different ways to access your account depending on your location or phone extension. Please read the instructions carefully!

Beware of Email Phishing Scams

Spam or phishing email is becoming more sophisticated.  From time to time, you may receive an email requesting you to update your password or other confidential information.  Often there is a link within this email which collects information such as passwords.  The signature within this email may look official.  The following is an example of a phishing email:

Phishing Email Example

If you receive an email similar to this, one clue it is not legitimate is the sender’s email address. However, please err on the side of caution and contact the APS Help Desk at 28203 when you receive requests for confidential information. 

Email communication sent by the APS Help Desk will originate and the signature will always look like:

Legitimate Email Example from the APS Help Desk

Thank you for your support.


Computer and Email Password Reset Tool

The APS Information Technology Department is introducing a new password reset tool.

To register for this service, visit and verify your user name and current password. Please take a few moments to complete the registration process, which will save time for staff and the Service Desk. After you complete registration, you will be able to reset your password by visiting this web page and choosing a new password. Links to the reset tool are available on the IT website at, the Service Desk website at and on the staff log-in page at

If you need to reset your password, and you have not yet registered for this service, please call the Service Desk to obtain a temporary password and instructions on the registration process.

SchoolMessenger Mass Notification System

SchoolMessenger Training Available

Please call the Service Desk at ext. 28203, or email, to schedule additional training sessions.

SchoolMessenger Training

SchoolMessenger manages all of the district’s mass notification needs. It provides superior features at a significant cost savings for the district.

SchoolMessenger offers APS users, parents and students a variety of benefits:

  • An efficient web-based interface for staff that is easy to learn and use
  • Multiple delivery options, including voice, text, email, Facebook, Twitter, desktop pop up and website posting
  • Instant translation from English to more than 50 languages and automatic delivery to parents in their home language
  • Multiple contact points per student and staff (phone and email)
  • Ability to post messages to school/district websites
  • Integration with Infinite Campus and other data sources
  • Virtual access to the application at anytime and anywhere, including an app that works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Ability to conduct two-way surveys and communicate confidentially with parents and students

Login to SchoolMessengerAPS staff members who were approved ConnectED users can set up SchoolMessenger accounts by logging in to the website below:

Please read the following guidelines for using SchoolMessenger for sending automated broadcasts:

To set up your SchoolMessenger account and reference step-by-step instructions, click on the help sheets below:

SchoolMessenger Training Podcasts:

To add a new SchoolMessenger user, please submit a request through iSupport


iSupport is the self-service system for IT work orders. The new system replaced HEAT and provides APS with an improved product at significant cost savings.

iSupport Software is the oldest, privately-owned company in the service desk software/customer support market. The iSupport system will offer district users and the IT Department a variety of benefits:   

  • A user-friendly online process with more options for fulfilling requests
  • A “virtual” system that can be used at any place and any time
  • Help resources to assist staff in resolving IT related issues
  • Well-designed features to track orders and improve customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive software that can offer a clear picture of APS technology needs and identify areas for improvement in infrastructure, training and support