Aurora Public Schools cell phone policy EGAF-R can be located at: http://www.aps.k12.co.us/pol-reg/SectionE/egaf.pdf

Cellular telephones may be issued to employees when the site budget authority/Administrator determines sufficient need exists. The primary purpose of issuing district cellular telephones is for school business. Failure to comply with the guidelines set forth in district regulations and policies will result in cellular phone privileges being revoked.

All cell phone requests require an iSupport ticket including Administrator approval letter, costing location and budget code for costing attached to the request.

The cell phone is a business device with options for personal use. The Internal Revenue Service has specific rules regarding personal use of district-owned devices. The employee must sign an agreement to a monthly payment in the form of an automatic payroll deduction to cover the use. A rate of 25 percent of the monthly cost will be deducted from the employee.


The cancellation or transfer of device to a new location or employee is permissible. The site budget authority/Administrator will need to determine sufficient need exists and submit a iSupport request. Please do not transfer the device to a new department or reissue a device to a new employee unless an iSupport ticket has been submitted. When a device is no longer needed an iSupport ticket needs to be submitted requesting cancellation.

  • Submit an iSupport ticket before an employee with a district issued cell phone or MiFi transfers departments. This help us cost the device to the correct department.
  • Submit an iSupport ticket before reissuing a device to a different employee. This helps us remove the device responsibility from one employee and issue it to the other.
  • Submit an iSupport ticket to cancel any device you will no longer need. This helps stop monthly costing to your budget.

Lost or stolen district-owned cellular phones must be reported immediately to Jennifer Alley at the IT Department. Replacement phones must be coordinated through  Jennifer Alley at IT.

  • iPhone 6s: Smart cell includes calling, unlimited data and texting
  • iPhone SE: Smart cell includes calling, unlimited data and texting
  • MiFi: This is a portable broadband device with unlimited data connecting up to 15 devices that allows mobile broadband Internet connection.

All cellular phone requests or questions can be directed to Jennifer Alley at the District Information Technology (IT) Department.

Jennifer Alley, Assistant to the CIO
303-326-1985 x28222